Today at Grassroots we braved the cold wind and watched our new wind turbine being lifted by the crane... then we quickly popped to see the animals, fed the chickens, collected eggs and went inside to make windmills!


v small windmills




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In our first month of opening the doors at Grassroots, the children have explored the farm on a daily basis and have quickly come to love the outdoors and all it has to offer!

The donkeys are a firm favourite, as are the cows, which we hope will be calving soon - so more babies to look forward to welcoming :)

Dressed in our 'muddy gear' we have enjoyed many aspects of farm life... including lots of walks, cracking the ice on the muddy puddles, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs (and baking biscuits with them), as well as sledging when we had the snow. It was great fun to run in the fields and see our tracks where no-one else had walked before heading back to nursery for a warm drink and snack.

We will hopefully create a gallery page very soon for more pictures of our activities - so keep checking back or have a look at our Facebook page. :)


DSC 0031DSC 0006DSC 0017DSC 0054

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At long last we can finally announce that WE ARE OPEN - fully registered with Ofsted and happy to welcome the children we met before Christmas.

TODAY WAS A BIG DAY - the first day at Grassroots for lots of little people and it was a delight. The staff were over-joyed to come back after the Christmas break and do what they like doing most - and to add to the excitement - our Meditteranean Donkeys arrived, so the children were able to witness first hand the benefits of being outside on the farm.

Wellie clad and with lots of jumping in puddles, our farm walk took us past the ducks and chickens, then the cows, finishing up at the donkey stable where the children enjoyed feeding them their hay tea! There were smiles all round and it was a joy to watch. Promises had to be made when it was time to head back to nursery that we could definitley see them again tomorrow!

Welcome Grassroots children and welcome 'Sassy' and 'Smokey-Joe' (mother and son donkeys) :)



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Friday 14th November 11am - 7pm

Drop-in at your leisure on Friday 14th November to see how Grassroots has been set up! Our manager, owner and new members of staff are all looking forward to welcoming you and telling you about our 'Grassroots' ethos...

• See how the children will enjoy the seven areas of learning in our purpose built nursery

• Experience the home-from-home atmosphere in our baby room

• Sample the nutritious hot meals we will be serving on our menu

• Discover how the childrn will utilise the farm/animals daily

• Imagine the fun they will have in our free-flow setup to the secure garden

And last but not least - if you wish to secure your child's place at nursery on the day of visiting... fill out a registration form, and we will give you their 'Grassroots' sweatshirt (included in the registration fee) as well as a FREE 'Grassroots' kit bag to bring into nursery when they start! :)



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It's been all hands on deck for the past three weeks and a lot has been achieved in this time. Inside the nursery fixtures and fittings have added the finishing touches whilst outside the builders have pressed on installing the sedum roof and cedar panelling to the entrance... fencing the secure garden area and wryly smiling at me when I ask for 'one more little addition - while you're still here'! It's all taking shape! 

The cleaners have also been, so from tomorrow we start creating our seven areas of learning and populating our spaces with all the things we have purchased (my house may even resemble my home once more by the end of half term)! There's still lots to get ready to welcome people for our drop-in open day - but the end is in sight.... It's looking beautiful and it couldn't be more exciting! 

We have to admit though we will miss some of the lovely tradesmen who have worked with us since May on this project - but in their place will be little people to welcome to Grassroots.... and we are going to have heaps of fun! 

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