We cater for children with medical allergies and intolerances, vegetarian diets or those with cultural and religious preferences and use a three week rotational menu devised following the Children’s Food Trust guidelines. These are all freshly cooked by our own chef on site each day. Call for sample menu's, as these change with the seasons.

We employ an on-site chef to prepare and provide nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for the individual needs of the children and whilst we do not encourage fussy eaters, we do present the food in such a way that allows the children to choose, but will still encourage the children to try a little of everything. 

Due to possible allergens, we cannot allow food to be brought into nursery, therefore children will be expected to partake in meals as offered within the sessions they attend. Meals are included in our 0-3yrs session fees, however 3+yrs additional charges do apply. Breakfast is available between 7.30am and 8.30am, morning snack is around 10am and a hot lunch and dessert are served at midday. At 2pm there is afternoon snack, followed by a light tea and dessert at 4pm.  All our snacks and meals are carefully planned to be tooth friendly, healthy and appetising, as well as providing a nutrionally balanced diet. Milk/water are on offer all day. Full details of allergies, intolerances and preferences will be required on your child’s registration form.

Cooking is an important part of the nursery curriculum (often using produce the children have grown themselves or using eggs collected from the chickens), contributing to our policy of encouraging an understanding of ingredients and a wide range of foods and where they come from.

Following Ofsted’s Statutory Guidance, we also have a PANco (Physical and Nutritional Coordinator) to ensure we support children in their learning about a balanced diet, the importance of physical activity and hygiene.

Our kitchen is rated as five star by Bedfordshire Environmental Health.